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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Question Their Intentions

2000-01 Vanguard Press West Edition #8 Ziggy Palffy

Oh, Ziggy.  If having the already unfortunate name that is synonymous with a bald, pants-less, shoe-less, almost featureless character isn't bad enough, you now have Will Smith to thank for the play on words with your moniker.  

Pacific.  Did you have to stoop so low as to not only slang-ify the headline with "gettin'" and "wit'", but also play off the "gem" and "crown-jewel" terms in the sentence at the bottom?  Even Ziggy himself is dumbfounded by your attempt at witty banter.  I seriously question your intentions.


  1. Down right horrible, this card should burned along with any others from this set.

    Btw, I have never seen these before, but clearly there is a reason why Vanguard was shut down and hopefully shut down forever!

    1. I didn't think i ever saw them before either but this somehow surfaced in some random pile somewhere.


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