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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Still Here

Sorry if there hasn't been new content on here for a while.  I am still here and alive and doing what I do.  It has just been hard to come up with anything substantial to write about lately.  Call it writer's block (although I would have to be a writer I think), call it laziness, call it just a general malaise. 

Just to get you caught up...I have many new acquisitions to my player PCs that I could share but I think people are sick of seeing those "brag" posts.  I have a few reviews I could do of some recent stuff I picked up but once I generally bust something, if I don't immediately write about it, I forget.  To give you an example, I cleaned my desk and found a whole slue of stuff I forgot I had, including a 1/1 Printing Plate of Eric Tangradi.  I could I not remember that (see general malaise)

There is a big Chicago show coming up next weekend which I was excited about over a month ago but now, not so much.  2012-13 Upper Deck Series I is out and I planned on picking some up at that show but I don't know if I will be going this time due to some personal "stuff" that's been going down.  It's still up in the air but right now if I had to say so, it's going to be a negative.

But ultimately, this attitude and negativity toward the hobby I love has got to stem from one thing....


Don't worry.  I'll snap out of it.  I always do.


  1. Lucky man, I was supposed to go to the card show in Chicago which seems like a fun place to be but I will be in Wisconsin next weekend and I find out that I have a job orientation actually Friday at 4. You should post some of your PC pickups because they are fun to see or you could test the ttm market and send cards to players in the AHL or former players.

  2. I like seeing 'brag' posts i dont often get to see all the new product and it interests me what people pull.

  3. I agree, love seeing the "brag" posts. And couldn't agree more with you on the NHL, something needs to get done here soon before they loose a good chunk of the fan base forever.

  4. Hopefully the drama ends soon and you'll get out of the collecting funk I think we all fall into from time to time. Mine just ended this week with Series 1 and Topps Chrome Football being released. I'm still bringing the cards I have for you to the show, just in case.

    As for the NHL...whatever. Both sides want to act like children now then I can find a lot of things to fill my time. Way to screw up all they've gained in the last few years, especially in Chicago.

  5. Personally, I like seeing what others post from the PCs. When it comes down to it, I'm going to pick up whatever I think looks good. Reviews of new product is good and all, but people are going to pick up what they think is good in their eyes.

    And yes, let these rich crybabies settle their dispute already, so the people paying their salaries can finally watch some damn hockey!!


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