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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Group Break Box #3: 2001-02 Adrenaline Hockey

You guys all thought I forgot about this, didn't you?  Well I didn't.  I have just been busy contemplating the meaning of life and whether I want to continue in this one or not.  At any rate....


The box I chose for this slot was the 2001-02 Panin...I mean Pacific Adrenaline Hobby box.  We have 24 packs with 5 or 6 cards per pack here.  There is the potential for a Ilya Kovalchuk auto and 2 "hits" per box.  This set also features an insert set called POWERPLAY that features all the goalies in the league at the time that recorded any ice time the previous season.  At least, that's how it was first marketed.  It actually has all the starters and a few of their backups.  It's a decent insert set though.

I still wasn't able to get it under 15 minutes so there are two videos again but I'm much closer.  Maybe on the next box I will be there.

I'm going to just say this now.  I'm sorry.  You will see with your own eyes what is happening.


Part 2

So here are some of the non-base cards for those interested and want to see something better than the crappy, grainy, video image.

First, the Power Play cards everyone loves, I'm sure.  I picked out 4 of my favorites.  The quotes on the bottom are hilarious.  So Hot, He Melts The Ice...Classy!!!

Here are a few others.  The World Beaters and the one Creased Lightning.

The two Rookie Reports.  I just wish they featured a better player selection.

Now the Parallels and Rookies.

And finally, the "hits"

And now for the group break card count totals thus far.  I have this broken down into the categories of BASE (B), INSERT/PARALLEL/ROOKIE (IPR), and HIT (H)

1.  Casey from Drop The Gloves - - 19
Boston Bruins  - B 9, IPR 0, H 0
Los Angeles Kings - B 9, IPR 1, H 0

2.  Me from The Real DFG -- 32
Pittsburgh Penguins - B 13, IPR 4, H 2
Dallas Stars - B 10, IPR 2, H 1

3.  Sal from Puck Junk - - 29
Chicago Blackhawks - B14, IPR 1, H 0
Minnesota Wild - B12, IPR 2, H 0

4.  Captain Canuck from Waxaholic - - 27
Detroit Red Wings - B 16, IPR 2, H 0
Florida Panthers - B 6, IPR 3, H 0

5.  1967ers from Diamond Cuts & Wax Stains - - 25
Toronto Maple Leafs - B 14, IPR 3, H 0
Carolina Hurricanes - B 7, IPR 1, H 0

6.  Dave H from Wax Stain Rookie - - 25
Ottawa Senators - B 13, IPR 2, H 0
Washington Capitals - B 9, IPR 1, H 0

7.  BA Benny from BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet - - 20
New York Islanders - B 9, IPR 3, H 0
Phoenix Coyotes - B 6, IPR 2, H 0

8.  Dave H from Wax Stain Rookie - - 24
Columbus Blue Jackets - B 10, IPR 3, H 0
Calgary Flames - B 9, IPR 2, H 0

9.  Brad from Brad's Blog- - 26
Philadelphia Flyers - B 12, IPR 2, H 0
Anaheim Ducks - B 10, IPR 2, H 0

10.  Jason from Jasonvorhee's Blog - - 23
New York Rangers - B 11, IPR 3, H 0
Buffalo Sabres - B 8, IPR 1, H 0

11.  Michael from Collecting For Kicks - - 24
Vancouver Canucks - B 11, IPR 0, H 1
Tampa Bay Lightning - B 11, IPR 1, H 0

12.  Alfredo from The Cardboard Don - - 22
New Jersey Devils - B 12, IPR 0, H 1
San Jose Sharks - B 8, IPR 1, H 0

13.  Kevin O. from Kevin's Collection - - 27
Colorado Avalanche - B 14, IPR 3, H 0
Edmonton Oilers - B 8, IPR 2, H 0

14.  Nick B. from Part's Unknown - - 27
Atlanta Thrashers - B 10, IPR 1, H 0
Montreal Canadiens - B 15, IPR 1, H 0

15. Unclaimed Teams - - 31
Nashville Predators - B 10, IPR 1, H 0
St. Louis Blues - B 15, IPR 4, H 1

Multi Player Cards - B 0, IPR 2, H 1

We are now at the half-way point in our journey and things seem to have come out ok thus far... as long as you are me.  I don't understand it.  I can't catch a break when I open things for my own collection or bust stuff at my LCS.  But here, where I want other people to have a shot at some stuff, I end up with 3 hits and 1 other goes into the unclaimed.  That's ok though.  No one fret because as I said in the beginning, if you don't get one of the 16 possible hits, you will still get something even if I have to pull it out of my personal collection.

Stay tuned for the next box.


  1. from what I remember back from my photography days... the light source and the photographer(that's you) have to be behind the camera. And the model (in this case cards) is the only thing in front of the camera.
    In that video you tried to have both yourself and the light in front.

    If at all possible, have the camera in front of the light, looking the same direction and the cards facing the light and camera. You may have to hang from the ceiling Tom Cruise style in order for this to work.

    Lowes and Home Depot sell the pulleys and rope you will require.

    Good luck. This box break advice will self destruct in 8 seconds......

    1. I'll see what I can do...Unfortunately I did box 4 tonight the same way. Maybe with box #5


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