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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So in 1934, Were People Color Blind?

 The difference between you and I is that I make this look good!
No.  Nothing and no one could make that look good!

Here are the throwbacks for the Steelers this year.  It's their 80th season in the league and as all teams celebrating an anniversary, they are adding a third "Throwback" jersey for the occasion. The team made the official announcement today in a press conference. 

I'm all for nostalgia and everything but these are hideous.  They wore the 1933 jersey's back in 1992 and at least those had vertical stripes with the city of Pittsburgh logo on the front.  These come from 1934 and took a turn for the worst for sure.  Mustard yellow pants, bumble bee socks, and horizontal stripes straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.  Thank God they will still have the black helmets.  I couldn't stand to see the mustard yellow ones again.  At least these will only be worn for two games. I couldn't take a whole season of this.

Art Rooney III, the team president, thinks it's "eye-popping" and will be fun to see everyone's reaction. Redman actually said he likes the uniform and all the stripes.  But he's not too sure how fans and players are going to react.

Anyone else care to weigh in on their hideousness (yes that's a word I think)?  Or maybe your team has an awful jersey you are embarrassed to be seen in?

Here is the video announcement by team president Art Rooney III...



  1. why was the picture taken in the bathroom of the local McDonalds?

  2. It was just too embarrassing to be seen anywhere else.

  3. Hey I actually like it...ya it's ugly but it's retro and has some swag to it. Although I'm a fan of the Canucks flying V so maybe I'm not the best person to ask...

  4. Holy shit, this is the worst football uniform I have ever seen. And those Bears "1920s throwback" uniforms are God-awful, but not THIS awful.

  5. These things are awful, but Big Ben looks good in stripes.


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