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Friday, April 13, 2012

New Tangradi PC additions

 I've been busy on the Bay searching for all the lost Tangradi's.  I have nothing better to do considering the Pens absolutely suck eggs in the playoffs so far.  They couldn't hold a lead to save their lives.  This series is going to be over quickly if they don't find a way to get back their special teams game that they had in the regular season.

I don't want to talk about it because it only makes me mad-er.  God, they suck!!

So here are the last few that I have added to the PC.

I know what you are already have this card.  Well that is sort of true.  I have the real card but you can see that this one is quite larger than the standard card size.  Plus, the name at the top is not in the same foil print as the Young Guns logo.  That's because this is card OS4, the over sized card that apparently came from retail blaster boxes [ok maybe they were the tins but I'm sure I bought those too] distributed in some parallel universe because I certainly never found any in any of the ones I purchased back then.  You can't really tell here but the card is still wrapped in the cellophane it originally came in.

I have bid on this card 8 times and lost every last one of them.  Not this time.  These were the Rookie Breakouts inserts loaded into Series II.  These fell about 1 every 3 boxes.  They are numbered out of /100 and are die cut on the top like the shards of ice sticking out.

Finally, I nabbed another The Cup 1/1 Printing Plate.  This time it is a black plate and it is autographed.  The plate was used for the 2010-11 SPx Level I Auto Rookie Jersey.  The jersey swatch would normally be found where the auto is on this card.  I have a copy on my Tangradi page if you wanted to see it.  Either way, it is cool to knock a few of these off my want list.


  1. the oversize YG's didn't come out of blasters. They were in the retail tins that were issued. If what you bought wasn't made out of metal, you would never find one.

  2. That explains it. The metal down here in the US is made out of cardboard. We're in a recession, you know.

  3. They used to be found in specially marked blaster boxes....At least that was the case in 07/08 and 09/10


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