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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video Box Break - - 2001-02 Pacific Private Stock Titanium Hobby

The National is over and what a fun time it was.  I got to see lots of cool stuff, meet a lot of fun and interesting people, pick up some stuff I didn't think I would, and of course, add to my box break inventory.

All the times I have been on Atlanta Sports Cards website, filling up my cart with all sorts of boxes from an age where collecting was the farthest thing from my mind, and I never once actually completed my order.  I don't know why.  I just didn't.  Seeing that they were actually at the National show, I didn't think for one minute that they would have any of what I wanted.  Well I was wrong.  They had everything, and then some.

I've been a little burned out on new product (that's not to say I didn't get any) so I wanted to boost my collection a bit with early 00's stuff, namely 2000-01 through 2004-05.  The first box I purchased was 2001-02 Pacific Private Stock Titanium.

Not the best year for cards but the Titanium set had such a limited print run of rookie cards, that they all carry a pretty high demand and dollar value. Plus, this was a premium set at the time with only 6 packs and a "hit" in every pack. That hit is a dual sided GU jersey card of various teammates around the league.  There is also usually an insert card in each pack as well consisting of a Premier Date parallel, Hobby parallel, All Star, Rookie Team, Saturday Knights, or 3-Star Selection.

I decided to try my hand at another Video Box Break just because I am a glutton for punishment and really have no idea what I am doing.  So maybe the practice will help.  Check it out if you need to waste 12 minutes of your life on something.


  1. Love the break, I actually was torn between that box and the 06-07 BAP box. In the end I am happy with my choice, but it would have been cool to rip a Kovy rc too.

    I love the text and the rips at poor Sal. I guess I will have to step to the plate and butcher a few names myself or at least prove I can pronounce them.

    I think you missed pointing out your Lindros with the Rangers is considered POST concussion!

  2. That wasn't necessarily a crack on Sal. I did a number on a few players back when I did my Blaster Box Break of Black Diamond...Steve Shutt in particular. But it's all in good fun though. We can't all be French-Canadien with perfect pronunciation. Watch some of the Beckett box breaks of hockey. Those guys have absolutely no clue.

    You're right, Lindros was post/pre/during concussion when he was in NY. Just imagine how his stats would have been without his health problems. Same scenario as Super Mario.

  3. True enough, I just thought it was Sal because we did give him some unfair "ribbing" for his pack breaks. I see some of those online stores doing box breaks and it hurts my ears when they screw up Yzerman.

    True, Lindros would have been a HOF'er for sure had he been able to have a couple more injury free seasons.

  4. I like that you don't let the details (like the year) get in the way of a good box break! It makes it more real.

    Is the next break going to be the case of 2005-2006 The Cup you picked up at the show? Can't wait for that one. Crosby can be a tricky one to pronounce.

  5. Love the Skillet! Btw, I remember busting a box of this stuff like eight years ago and the best hit I got was a Fleury/Lindros dual patch card.

  6. Nick, you are a funny guy. But you are wrong. I picked up 3 cases of The Cup. But because of your lack of faith in my abilities, I will instead burn the cards in a ritualistic sacrifice to the cardboard gods.

    Paul, the Fleury/Lindros patch would have been sweet. It's like the polar opposites of players on one card, a giant and a midget.

  7. We all know you pulled multiple Ovechkin's and couldn't let yourself be seen in video celebrating without having your Pittsburgh loyalty called into question.

  8. Ok, now dems fightin' words.

  9. I'm not much of a fighter, so to make up for it I'm sending you an email with all the Champ's doubles I pulled from my blaster craziness at the National. I have 7 more Green and 6 more Red on top of the list I already sent and still have to go through the minis.


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