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Monday, August 1, 2011

Saturday National, Sunday International?

So Saturday it is.  After months of speculation and conjecture regarding the subject, I have finally decided to grace the National with my presence.  I was on the fence about the whole thing for the last few months.  At the last Sun-Times show at the Rosemont in Chicago I was all gung-ho about the whole thing, being that it would be my first National since 1992 or 1993 I think, whichever year was in Chicago.  It was the first year for the Marlins and Rockies if that helps for reference because Topps gave away some promotional preview cards with players from both teams.

The last few months have gotten me in a rut and turned me more toward the dark side of not collecting at all.  I don't know what it is other than life in general just catching up.  I'm kind of burnt out at work and tired of being so busy all the time.  I haven't had the chance to get the Garage Project off the ground as I had hoped and I have been feeling a little dejected about the whole thing.  Its pretty much my own fault too because I just don't have the time or the energy to inventory and scan, and inventory and scan, etc, etc.

I have had a few trade proposals lately that have caused me to sit back and rethink what collecting is for me.  And I think that I have figured it out.  Collecting is fun.  Plain and simple.  So I'd be a dummy if I didn't take the opportunity to go to the largest show of the year since it's in my own backyard.  What could be more fun than walking around all day looking at cards, talking to collectors, and being around my own kind?  My answer...nothing.

So if anyone else out there is going on Saturday, drop me a line and let me know.  Maybe we can meet up at some point, talk some shop, or if you let me know enough in advance, maybe even do some trading.


  1. Tim,

    pick me up on the way, I'll bring the doughnuts.

  2. I will have to leave extra early then I guess. Make sure you are standing outside though. I don't want to have to ring the doorbell.

  3. I'll shoot you an email with my cell number

  4. RIGHTEOUS!!! It's gonna be like old times. And by "old times," I mean November 2010!

  5. Damn. I won't be able to get there until Sunday and I have some Champs colors and Topps baseball for you. I'll email you the list.

    I too have been in a collecting rut for awhile and hope this will put an end to that. I know one of my favorite vendors will be there so I'm looking forward to going througSMS bunch of $1 monster boxes.

  6. Nick, we will work something out. We always do.


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