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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins...Stanley Cup Champs

I'm not going to comment on the debacle known as the Vancouver Canucks.  But know was a debacle.  I'm just going to say, congrats to the B's on their first Cup in 39 years.  Way to keep the Cup south of the border.  Also congrats to the MVP Tim Thomas.  He was simply a monster in goal and there is no way the Bruins get here without him.  Also, also, congrats to Gary Bettman for continuing to draw the ire of fans around the globe and in Vancouver with a rain of "Bettman Sucks" and continuing boos while he speaks.  What a class act.  Also, also, also congrats to the ageless one, Mark Recchi and his career.  Way to go out on top Recchin ball.


  1. Congrats to the Bruins. The only thing better than the Canucks having to watch someone else hoist the Cup on their ice is that we're only 100 or so days away from the 2011-12 preseason.

  2. I thought the only thing better would have been if the "fans" rioted afterward....oh wait, that happened. Well maybe if they won they wouldn't have rioted...oh wait, they do that after winning championships too. Hmmmmm. Yeah maybe you're right. Let's hope this is a quick 100 or so days.


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