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Monday, May 16, 2011

Just A Couple Random Thoughts

First, if you had the opportunity to see a major league baseball game played between two franchises with long, storied histories including multiple World Series Championships for only $1, would you do it?  How bout if they threw in $1 hot dogs?  $1 popcorn, too?

If you are like me, and I had you at $1, obviously your answer and the rest of the metropolitan Washington D.C. area don't jive.  I present, for your viewing pleasure, the demise of America's pasttime.


These pics are all over Twitter at this point but I found the link here with them together in one spot.  It's just sad.  Sad and pathetic.  I don't care if your team comprised of a subpar lineup.  I don't care if the team you are playing isn't much better.  For $1, you go to the game and you take everyone you know.  Period.  Enough said.

Second thought...Bobby Bonilla is about to destroy the Mets for good.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.


  1. Move 'em back to Montreal! They'll be alright, Strasburg and Harper will fill that stadium up.

  2. Oh, and yes, I'd go for a buck, no brainer

  3. You know its a bad sign when the Cubs are basically giving tickets away for free and still can't get people into Wrigley.


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