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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Collective Troll was card jacked

My worst fear I have always had about my collection unfortunately came true for another collecting friend. 

The Collective Troll was robbed.


  1. It's so sad.

    My mom once mailed me a package from xmas/birthday that had a lot of cards in it. She also makes really sweet notes and puts a lot of love in the package. Personal touches and stuff.

    Well the package place was broken into over night and it was stolen. It still hurts to think about because it is so cold. The package store owner didn't call me when it arrived. Had he called that day it never would have been stolen.

    Troll's experience is much sadder but I can feel for him.

    I worry about fire more than theft because I live in an apt building.

  2. Its horrible. I wish there was something everyone could do for him cuz he is a great blogger/trader/all around guy.


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