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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congrats to our neighbors to the North

Congratulations to the Canadian Hockey Team for their gold medal win today.  Also some accolades go out to the USA team who never backed down from the challenge, tieing the game late and taking into overtime.

All I know is, this was what hockey was all about.  Great game.  Sidney Crosby, once again, became the hero of the nation as he scored the game winning goal in overtime.  I can't tell you how many text messages I got right after that goal from various friends of mine who aren't hockey fans telling me how much Ryan Miller was horrible.  Problem is, I have seen Sid do this 1000 times against every goalie in hockey.  Ryan Miller played the game of his life.  He was almost unflappable.  Despite the score, he was the best goal tender on the ice.  If there is one thing that a team learns quickly is that you don't leave Sidney alone anywhere near the net or he will make you pay.  That's exactly what he did.

I was kind of torn at the end.  The initial reaction of the goal was an immediate urge to throw something through the TV.  However, after realizing it was Sidney Crosby who scored, I then felt some redemption.  After all, he is a Penguin.  Still, it was a tough loss after watching Team USA through the entire tournament get better game by game.  Eventhough I have always been inclined to view second place as the first loser, in the Olympics, there is no loser.  I'll take a Silver medal anyday.

Congratulations Canada!!!


  1. Miller was awesome. He earned that silver all by himself...

    it's a good thing Sid scored when he did. Easily the worst forward for Canada throughout the tournament... redemption for sure. All is forgiven.

  2. Man oh man...Silver ain't too bad. I am very proud of the kids on the USA Hockey team. They never rolled over, never quit, and can walk away with their heads held high. Go figure that Crosby got the last goal. He was pretty much a non factor in the tournament, but did come back to prove that he is the best Cherry picker in hockey since Tim Kerr!!! I still believe he is over-rated, and certainly not the best overall player in the game...although, it is tough to say that Ovechkin is, seeing as he was watching the gold game and not playing in it.

    Congratulations to a fantastic Team Canada.

  3. It would have been interesting to see what the reaction to Crosby missing the breakaway if the US had been able to pull off the upset. Ryan Miller should get a bigger silver medal than the rest of the team, they're not playing for gold without him.

    Hat's (Toques?) off to Canada. They beat the US and Russia to win the gold.

    Congrats to all hockey fans who were able to watch a game that lived up to expectations.

  4. Amazing game all-around. Canada had the bigger and better name players and talent, but I think the US had the better team chemistry. Miller and Parise earned a lot of respect from this Olympics. Ultimately, it came down to the best player in the league deciding it, as it should. Hats off to Canada and hats off the the US for giving hockey fans a game of a lifetime!

  5. Ryan Miller horrible?

    I am still a bit stunned at that.

    (I realize it wasn't you)

  6. I know, that's why I am seriously considering new friends.


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