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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another one bites the dust

In the latest purging of the old guard, the Philadelphia Eagles released Brian Westbrook, another of my perennial fantasy running backs.  Westbrook, to me at least, was the best two-way offensive player in the game up until a few years ago when the wheels started to fall off the wagon.  He could burst out of the backfield like no other back and was a dual threat to catch a slant pass across the middle and take it for a TD.  But as I said, that was before all the injuries.

Though he ran like one, good thing he isn't a racehorse.  The Eagles obviously didn't want to shell out the over $7 million it would have taken to keep him on the roster so they cut him loose yesterday.  Unlike Tomlinson, I think Westbrook might not find himself a home during the offseason.  If he does, it will probably be on another one of those proverbial "contender" teams and only unleashed in gadget type plays. 

I will say this, Westbrook was one of my all time favorites to watch play.  Despite my hatred for anything not Pittsburgh (especially Philadelphia) he was one player I respected and always would make the time to check out.  I know I would welcome him as a backup to Mendenhall.  I'm just saying...

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  1. if he is willing to take a pay cut and a reduced role I wouldn't be surprised to see New Orleans or Atlanta take a shot at him..

    His being cut did lead to Sportscenter being that's good, eh?


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