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Thursday, November 19, 2009

And now for something completely different...

This is totally off topic but I have to voice a complaint. This isn't about cards or sports or anything even remotely related to either but it's my blog and I will cry if I want to.

I have a routine. Most people I know, whether they admit it or not, also have some kind of routine. My routine in the morning is simple. After I get into my truck and head off to work, I take the same route, usually hit the same traffic lights, and most of the time, see the same drivers as I pass by. Once I get within about 2 miles of my office, there is a Speedway (which is a chain gas station for those of you not familiar) that I stop at every morning to fill my giant 64 oz. insulated cup with Mountain Dew or sometimes Diet Mountain Dew if the MD is empty. Either way, it gets filled with some sort of caffeine fueled explosion.

As I said, I drive a truck; a Ford F-150 longbed that I have had for almost 8 years. I love my truck and have refused to give it up on numerous occasions. But that is besides the point. Each morning when I arrive at Speedway, I park in the same spot, two from the end on the west side of the building. The parking here is parallel with the gas pumps under the canopy. When I go inside, I see the same employees, the same customers, the same product. As I said before, it is a routine.

However, this morning was different. There was a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in my spot. Ok, I won't panic. I will just park in the spot next to it. It's fine. I notice the driver is sitting in her seat working on a laptop as I make my way to the door. Everything else proceeds as normal until I exit the building to leave. The Laptop Lady is still there. There is also now two cars at the pumps behind me. Now, being a gas station, I can't fault the patrons filling up their vehicles. But what is that lady still doing there? She has her coffee. She has her donut or Hostess product. Pull out!! Leave!!! Because...I can't back out now!! This isn't your personal office space.

I know the standard back-up routine is a three point turn. Well how about an eight point turn? That's right...EIGHT!! And they were all tiny little movement. Forward, backward, forward, backward, etc. On the sixth turn, the Laptop Lady had the nerve to turn her head around to see what was going on behind her and quickly turn away when I made my scathing eye contact with her. Needless to say, my routine was ruined. My day has totally become discombobulated (which is the longest common English word starting and ending with the letter D; I have one of those calendars).

The morale of this story is, if you plan on using a busy parking lot as your own personal office space, pick a spot away from the flow of traffic. Next time, there may not be somebody that loves thier vehicle as much as I do.

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