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Monday, August 3, 2009

The National: Recap

Well as everyone already knows, (and if you don't well then you must live under a rock) the National show was last week. It was a disappointment to most of those that I have talked with, although a few nice cards were obtained by many of my fellow bloggers.

I will not bore you with all the details because, as many of you, I did not attend. Cleveland was a bit too far for me this time around and I had no intention of making a long vacation out of it. Not to mention, the autograph signings were way too far from my price range, the dealer specials were non existent, and the manufacturers didn't offer up anything trip worthy in my mind.

My thoughts were correct after talking with some attendees. The consensus was that the atmosphere was very deflated, the attendance was down, and the overall excitement just wasnt' there. I even heard one story about a gentleman being asked to leave the show because he was trying to "haggle" with the dealers on the floor.

All of this prompts me to ask the question..."What happened to card collecting as a hobby?"

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