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Sunday, August 9, 2009

An interesting take on "goonery"

Yeah, I made that word up but it is fitting for this topic. I was perusing some other blogs this morning and found one over at "Here Come The Bruins" that was very interesting. With the inductions into the hall of fame this year, they have taken it a step further by creating their own hall...the Hockey Hall of Hell.

Check out the article

This is a place reserved for the goons of the league and it got me thinking about all the players that I loved to hate when I was growing up. That list includes pretty much everyone who played on the teams in the old Patrick division against my beloved Pens.

Many people feel that the enforcer position is a thing of the past and that with the rule changes, there is no need to "goon it up" on the ice. I disagree because with the open ice play, there is more opportunity for star players to be destroyed in open ice. Protection and "message sending" is some of the most entertaining hockey, in my opinion. Now I am not defending random fighting for no reason. However, as part of a very physically and mentally draining game, I think it is part of what makes hockey great.

Any thoughts?...

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