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Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Mailday - - Lots of card goodness!!

Well after a royally f'd up day at work, I was pleasantly surprised to find 5...yes, I said 5 packages in my mailbox. I couldn't believe it. Three were from the Bay and the other two were recent trades I had partaken (is that a word?) in.

A couple were in PWE's (Plain White Envelopes) of which I despise. Fortunatly, nothing happened to the cards in the envelopes but the potential for disaster is there. Two others were in nicely packed bubble mailers (my preference). The last one was a 400ct. box that cost over $9 to ship so you know it was packed full of sweet, sweet cardboardy goodness.

First, the trades:

Anyone remember these? I used to have a pile of these things when I was many years younger. I remember buying the candy bars (well they weren't bars, they were...buns) and thinking that they tasted less than desireable. However, the Lemieux cards were well worth it. I can't believe there are people out there that still had these. Well now they don't...I do!!

I also picked up a Parkhurst Emerald Ice card for my new Bill Guerin collection.
I can't believe how young he looks on this picture. I think he may even still have all his teeth on this one. I believe he was 22 or 23 when this was taken. A far cry from when he takes the ice this season at 39. Greybeard's rule!!

--To Be Continued...

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  1. Mailing a card in a PWE seems downright passive aggressive. It causes shpilkus in the recipient.


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