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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Imagine "The Office"...

As I said...Imagine "The Office". You know, the TV show adapted from the British series of the same name, that stars Steve Carrell. Yeah, that one. Ok? Are you imagining?

Now take away the funny.

That is what you get with the web series "Back On Topps", the story of the Topps brothers, heirs to the Topps company fortune. I was only vaguely aware of this attempted plot at hilarity until I read a piece by Rob over at the Voice of the Collector expounding upon the merits of this financial venture. I was intrigued so I decided to waste another day at work watching these webisodes, in order mind you, starting with Season 1.

Now, I'm not trying to copy what he was writing about but after watching these shows, I had no choice. They star the Sklar brothers, and if you don't know who they are, watch any "Top Whatever" on VH1 or the like and they are the twin brothers with the humoristic stylings of a mutation resulting from a DNA splice between Carrot Top, Sinbad, and Don Rickles. They are also huge sports fans and pretty knowlegeble in their own rights. Either way, this attempt at comedy falls flat 90% of the time.

I will say I haven't watched all the episodes yet but I am not impressed thus far. At times, they show signs of brilliance with where they take the story lines but they are mere flashes and nothing more. Eventhough each episode is less than 6 minutes, the "funny" doesn't sustain itself.

Here is the link to check it out. Again, it's not entirely bad...just 90% of it.

I will probably revisit this topic again once I watch the rest of the episodes.

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  1. Me too a big fan of The Office,It is sad that it is not that officially hit,but still it is great :)

    watch the office episodes


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