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Friday, January 10, 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen...A goalie goal!!

Pekka Rinne became the first NHL goalie to score a goalie goal since Mike Smith in 2013. The Preds faced off against the lowly Blackhawks Thursday night and skated to a 5-2 victory at the United Center. This wasn't one of those "last one to touch the puck" goals either. Pekka blasted this from below the goal line, conjuring his best Ron Hextall impersonation, and burying the puck 200 feet down the ice.

Goals by goalies are hard to come by as there have only been 15 examples between 12 goalies. Ron Hextall did it twice and Martin Brodeur did it three times. Will it be another six years before another? Who knows.

Here are the other goalie scorers...

Billy Smith - 11/28/79

Ron Hextall 12/8/87 & 4/11/89

Chris Osgood 3/6/96

Martin Brodeur - 4/17/97, 2/15/00, & 3/21/13

Damian Rhodes - 1/2/99

Jose Theodore  - 1/2/01

Evgeni Nabokov - 3/10/02

Mika Noronen - 2/14/04

Chris Mason - 4/15/06

Cam Ward - 12/26/11

Mike Smith - 10/19/13

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