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Monday, December 2, 2019

Today in Penguins History (12/2/25)

While this wasn't necessarily a Penguins historical event, it was historical nonetheless.  On this day in 1925, the first NHL game ever to take place in the city of Pittsburgh happened.  The Pittsburgh Pirates lost in overtime to the New York Americans, 2-1.  Back then, the team played at the old Duquesne Gardens in Oakland (a city neighborhood for those not familiar with the Burgh).  When you don't have the means, you make due.  The Gardens was not an entertainment venue at all, but rather a trolley barn that had been converted to hold about 5,000 people.  

The Pirates lasted until 1929 when a season ending 1-23-2 record in their last 26 games earned them relocation to Philadelphia, becoming known as the Quakers.  It would take another 40 years before the NHL attempted another franchise in the City of Champions.  

One day I am going to write a piece on the Pirates because they were an influential team in the evolution of the sport (see...utilizing line changes, cycling players, using reserve players) that time has simply forgotten.  

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