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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Question Their Intentions

2000-01 Vanguard Press West Edition #8 Ziggy Palffy

Oh, Ziggy.  If having the already unfortunate name that is synonymous with a bald, pants-less, shoe-less, almost featureless character isn't bad enough, you now have Will Smith to thank for the play on words with your moniker.  

Pacific.  Did you have to stoop so low as to not only slang-ify the headline with "gettin'" and "wit'", but also play off the "gem" and "crown-jewel" terms in the sentence at the bottom?  Even Ziggy himself is dumbfounded by your attempt at witty banter.  I seriously question your intentions.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sometimes I Like My Collection

2011-12 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Marc-Andre Fleury/Kristopher Letang Dual Fight Strap #/10

Monday, May 27, 2013

Huge Bill Guerin For The PC

Huge I tells ya!!  HUGE!!

Well if you are thinking I pulled some sick, monster, mojo hit then you would be wrong.  If you were thinking I scored some super-rare, rookie, auto, patch, DNA sample card you would also be wrong.

What I did get was in fact huge though.  As in size.

The auction that I bid on said that this was a 2006-07 Upper Deck BAP Dual Signatures of Bill Guerin and Doug Weight.  Here was the auction picture of the card.  Other than the full bleed to the edge on all sides, I didn't really notice anything different about this one. 

Then a 9x12 padded mailer showed up at my door.  I wondered what it could have been since I hadn't ordered anything that large or bought any lots that may have to be packaged that way.  Once I opened it, I realized that this was no ordinary card.  It is an 8x10 sized card, almost like a photo. 

Here it is against my computer monitor to give you an idea of the size (although you can still see Wayne's giant forehead behind them).

The "card", if you can call it that, is pure awesomeness.  For one, it is a dual auto of two great role players.  Second, it shows Billy G in a St. Louis uniform.  His stint with the Blues was short lived and there are not a lot of cards out there with him wearing Blues digs.  And finally, its another card I don't have in my Billy G. collection.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi!  I'm Wayne and I have a giant head.  Everything on my head is giant...except my ears.  Those are quite small.  In fact, I'm not sure I have ears at all.  If it weren't for these rubber things the photographer glued to my head, all you would see would be a small hole for which I hear through.  I call it the "Five-hole".  Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear the wind whistling past it.  It makes that sound like when you blow across the top of a Coke bottle.  I can hear you laughing at me.  But I don't care.  You know why?

Because I got something you ain't got. 

A Stanley Cup ring. 

For playing in one game with the Blackhawks.

Who's laughing now?