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Monday, September 3, 2012

The One Card Challenge

Sal, over at Puck Junk, is hosting a contest/charity event for everyone of the set builders out there in the hockey blog-o-land.  All you need to do is find your sets with that one pesky card that keeps alluding it's home, post about it, and wait for someone to send it to you.  That's it!  How much easier can this be?

Oh, and to help you can win some prizes too.

I know what you are thinking...this isn't the first time this has been done.  Well, it's the first time I have ever seen it done exclusively for hockey.  So shut it, and just go there already.  Contest ends at the end of the month...although, I think the challenge should continue indefinitely.


  1. you never know what you'll find over here at DFG's... I'm reading about hockey and there's a big ole ad flashing at me... "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! Christian? Lonley? Visit Christian Singles and view Tiffany's profile!"


  2. The one that I always see come up is the Regent University one. They are annoying, aren't they?


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