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Thursday, August 2, 2012

[CLOSED] One Last Spot Left In the Hockey Box Break

T-minus 2 Hours and counting until this place goes up to 11 and we close up the Hockey Box Break.

If you have already paid, Awesome!  If not...not as awesome.  But it's ok.  I know you are good for it.

There is one spot left in the break.  As you can see by the care free, gamble at all cost attitude of Dave H from Wax Stain Rookie, you can purchase an additional team if you so choose.  There are some good ones left on the board.  Check the list.

I am going to experiment with my camera tonight and see what might work best for busting these boxes since all my video breaks up to this point leave something to be desired.  I should also be able to do the randomization thingy for the bonus teams later this evening too if I can figure it out.  I will post those as soon as I get them done.

I bet you all can hardly wait. The only thing better than this would be to do it in person at the National show in Baltimore with everyone sitting there watching.  Wow!  What would the logistics of that be?  At least it gives me an idea for next time.

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