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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Tangradi Additions

I picked up a couple new Tangradi's for my PC recently.  Actually, I won both of these on auction quite a while ago but between the lengthy wait time for shipping from Canada and the lack of time on my part, they have been sitting on my desk for a few weeks. 

I'll keep this short and just get to the goods.

2010-11 Victory Black Rookie - The black parallels in Victory are a tough pull.  Most boxes only had one, some had none.  But either way, these aren't even listed in the Beckett because of scarcity.  I'm going to guess there are probably less than 50 of these although Upper Deck didn't serial number them.  I have the base and hopefully will have the Red Parallel soon.  There is a little nick on this one down on the bottom right but otherwise, it's an awesome card.

2010-11 Certified Potential Mirror Blue Parallel - - I have the base one of these I think as well as a Mirror Red Parallel.  The Blue are numbered out of /100 so they are a much tougher pull.  But not as hard as the Mirror Gold, Mirror Emerald, or Mirror Black which fall /25, /5, and /1 respectively.  I have yet to see any of these out there floating around, nor the other versions of the base auto card. 


  1. Nice Victory Black! I am trying to track down a MCQuaid but they are IMPOSSIBLE to find.

    1. I really wish Upper Deck would release a print run on the blacks but i guess that's part of the mystique

  2. Here is what I calculated for the 09-10 Print run....

    1. I knew there was someone out there that had more brain power than I to do a calculation. The only thing I know is that Black has to have a lower print run than Gold. The Gold used to be out of /100. I doubt UD would have changed that. Plus, considering the amount of bulk collectors out there for this stuff, if Black was as high as /100, there would be guys selling multiples of these. So I'm still thinking the Black ones are out of /50 or less. I have no proof of this nor empirical evidence...just a hunch.


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