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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Latest Tangradi PC Pickups

I just wanted to take a second and share a couple new Tangradi's that I picked up.  None are as epically awesome as that Cup patch auto but they are all still pretty cool.

I can't understand why I didn't have the Victory card.  I think I actually did but it is in my set.  Maybe it's just that I have seen it so many times on Ebay that I figured I had it already.  Either way, it is one of the only cards I have seen where he is wearing number 78.  He is 25 in case anyone was wondering.  He was 26 last year.  He also wore 56 the year before.

The Contenders auto is just another of the multi-tiered cards that I needed.  I already had the regular one without the auto which was the Playoff Ticket version.  This one is labeled Season Ticket.

This one is pretty cool.  I have the basic jersey card (black swatch) which is numbered out of 200.  This one, however, is the PATCH version numbered out of /35.  It is all white but either comes from the belly of the penguin on the front logo or the center section from a number on the black or blue versions of the jersey.  At least, that's what I can figure.  I suppose it could also be from a practice jersey but those usually say so on the back.  This one just says it was worn during the Rookie Photo Shoot.  I don't think they had practice jerseys there although, you never know with Upper Deck.  Still, it is cool.


  1. Very nice pick ups! I'd like to see a one shot photo of your complete PC thus far.


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