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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ok, I get it.  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the hot commodity in this years rookie class in the NHL.  Every year there is one, sometimes a couple.  But this has to be some kind of joke.

Insane Ebay Auction

I know these are limited.  I get that there are less than 100 of these out there.  I get that you can only get them in Black Diamond, one pack, four cards per pack.  I get all that.  But come on people.  No GU swatch, no auto, nothing other than the serial number and it's over a grand.


  1. AND...he still wants you to pay to ship the damn thing. The $2.95 might break him you know!!

  2. Seems like a guy looking for the big score. I checked his recent completed listings and it looks like he's failing.

  3. I pulled two Nugent-Hopkins Young Guns in my first two boxes and sold one for $75.00. Man, I got ripped off! Maybe I'll list the other for $2,250.00 and see what happens. I mean, it is a Young Gun after all and I'll even throw in free shipping.


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