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Sunday, January 22, 2012

(knock, knock, knock) Housekeeping!

Before you say "not another resolution post", don't worry, it's not.  I have convinced myself not to do one because I just end up disappointing myself in the end.  But, I have been trying to do some housekeeping on the blog.  The content is starting to get a bit overwhelming and hard to manage so rather than running out of room on Blogger, I have been adjusting and condensing some of the features of the site. 

First, the Card Garage is not closed.  It is just in hibernation.  I will most certainly bust it back open sometime here in the near future but not yet.  I haven't had the time or energy to start going through boxes again.  And, with the exception of searching for a few singles for some people, I have been more focused on my own PC and newer product. 

Second, I've been trying to clean up my want lists a bit.  I started with creating a page for my Tangradi collection, which consists of scans of all the cards I have of his.  I also cleaned up my Bill Guerin list and posted it to Google Docs.  My plan is to do the same for my other player PCs but they are considerably larger and will take some more time to work on.  As for my set needs list, it is still constantly updated and grows all the time.  My goal in the near future is to get the trade lists updated or at the very least, full of some content that is practical and easy to search.  I haven't decided on list form, or images.

Third, I have linked to all my box breaks along the side panel.  I know I did this before but I was missing a ton of them.  I did this more for myself because I am always looking for past posts with images and most of them are in here.  Plus, I noticed that many of these posts get multiple hits each and every week.  So if you have already noticed them, great.  If not, now you know. 

Fourth, I have removed all blog links for sites that haven't been updated in a year or more, effectively removing 24 blogs.  If you were on my list before and were removed but want to be put back on, let me know.  Also, if you have a blog that isn't listed or know of one that should be on there, let me know that as well. 

Fifth, I'm working on a different design.  I'm bored with the current one.  I just haven't found something I'm comfortable with yet.  Plus, the organizational aspect of the current one works well and many other Blogger designs are less than adequate.

Sixth, I have some things that I want to do to get more engaged with the site again.  I've been wrestling with the idea of a contest, feature post, and possible guest content.  We will see what, if anything, comes out of it.


  1. If the title of this post is a Kevin Meaney reference you are awesome.
    (you're still awesome if it isn't)

  2. Good luck with all the changes.

    I was thinking more along the lines of Tommy Boy, in which case I fill not fluff your pillow, Skanky!

  3. It was, in fact, a Kevin Meaney reference. Although I didn't really ever expect anyone to know that or if they did, know where it came from.


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