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Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome Back, Sid!!

End of the 1st period...Crosby already has 1 goal and an assist to boot.  He's got 4 shots on goal and he has been cross checked in the back and blasted into the one got upset, no one made a fuss, life goes on. 

Just because I thought it was pretty funny, here's a video from Benstonium.

End of the 2nd Period...Crosby gets another assist on a sweet stuff goal by Malkin.  Pens are up 4-0 (I know it's just the Islanders but so what?).  He's only logged just under 12:00 minutes but if you are watching this game at all, you will know that he is working hard every second he is out there.  The instincts are still there, the power is still there, the speed is still there.  The only thing missing is the stamina but give him a week or two and that will be back too.  This team could be lethal.

If you missed "The Goal", relive it here.

End of the game...Crosby...Period!  Pens win 5-0!

2 Goals, 2 Assists, 8 shots on goal, just under 16:00 of ice time.  Oh, and the #1 Star of the Game.  It's like he never missed a day.


  1. Scored me 4 points in Captain Canuck's pool! I am lovin' it!

  2. Well, if he were that good, he would have had a hat trick. Just saying!

    I only got to watch the last few minutes of the second and most of the third, but he didn't seem to be hesitant at all, like he was never out. It's scary to think the points he'll put up when he gets back in game shape.

  3. I couldn't remember if anyone drafted him or not, Dave. I was just about to go and see.

    Nick...scary is an understatement

  4. Rough night for the Pens.


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