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Monday, October 10, 2011

In Honor Of Monday Night Football

I almost forgot I had these until someone asked me about them the other day. How is it that other people know what I have in my collection and I don't? I'll never figure that out.

I have no opinion either way on whether or not "manu-patches" should exist or not.  I happen to like the way this one looks so I have no problem with it.  I will admit I have seen some pretty ugly ones before but if it looks good, is generally unobtrusive to the design, and brings something to the card, why not?

If I remember correctly, I won this in a raffle on a trading website.  I don't remember which site it was though.  I'm pretty sure it was TradeCardsNow but it could have been The Bench.  No, it was TCN.  It had to be.  In case you can't tell, that is a sticker auto but nonetheless, it's a pretty nice card.  Too bad it wasn't #9.
I would have thrown up my Calvin Johnson 1/1 Sketch card but, alas, I no longer possess that item.  It was sold on the Bay a few weeks back for quite considerably less than I would have liked but more than I was offered when I took it to sell at the National.  Oh, what the heck.  You've all seen it before but here's to old times.

I suppose we should give the Bears some love...I guess.

I don't care if it is virtually worthless.  I love these Rookie Premier photo shoot cards.

He can't spell.  He can't speak in public.  He probably can't read either.  But man, can this guy run back a kick or what?

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  1. You forgot to add "He's not a wide receiver" to Devin Hester.

    I still love the Megatron sketch.


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