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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Megatron, aka: Calvin Johnson Artist Sketch

2010 Topps Calvin Johnson Artist Sketch by Brian Kong 1/1

Everyone says that if you open wax long enough, one day odds are you will pull a 1/1.  Today was my day!!  This is an Artist Sketch card from the 2010 Topps Football release.  These cards are seeded at 1:1710 packs.  I'm not sure if that means hobby packs, HTA packs, or the entire print run of hobby packs.  Either way, we can assume this is a pretty rare card (something in the realm of 1 per 20-30 cases).  Not bad for my first 1/1.  And, I'm now immortalized in my LCS's "Best Pull" book.

I'm still not sure yet what it's intended purpose will be.  I'm not ready to stop basking in it's glory yet.


  1. I haven't really decided on it's fate yet. I suppose I could be convinced to offer it up at some point but I'm going to sit on it for a little while. I've never owned a 1/1 card and this one gives me goosebumps when I look at it.


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