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Friday, July 30, 2010

And then there were none...

Well he didn't sign before players reported to camp but it was sure close.  For the sixth straight year, the Steelers set up shop in Latrobe with all their draft picks under contract.  Maurkice Pouncey was inked to a five-year deal, the terms of which were undisclosed.  You can imagine that it is probably somewhere north of $10 Million considering the other first round money that has been thrown around. 

The good news for Pouncey is that he is the first rookie Pittsburgh has had in quite a while that may have a chance to actually start in his position.  With all the key injuries to the Steelers O-line, he has the talent to make an impact at center or guard.  He will more than likely be competeing with newly acquired free agent veteran Flozell Adams for a spot on opening day.

The bad news...he is going to be carrying lots of equipment over the next couple months.


  1. This is way off topic, but....the National Sports Card Convention is going to be in Rosemont, IL in 2011. I know that's a year away, but I figured you'd want to start planning now....

  2. That's interesting. I'm definitely going. I think the last National in Chicago that I went to was held in McCormick Place.

    Maybe with any luck the porn star convention will be going on at the same time again.


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