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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Got Bowman?

I will admit, I have gone off the deep end with Bowman so far.  I say so far because I can't really stop myself when I see them in the store.  Although at this point, I am pulling nothing but doubles.  It reminds me of back in 2004 when I bought up more football than I could handle searching for all the Manning and Roethlisberger rookie cards.  I think I am still paying for some of those.  So why doesn't this surprise me?

So far I have busted a retail box (just opened by the card rep), 2 blasters, and 15 rack packs.  You would think that the odds of pulling at least one Strasburg card out of all of that would be pretty good.  Well one is exactly what I got.  It was a base card.  Nothing special. 

I have also pulled 1 orange parallel /250, 2 blue parallels /520, 2 autographs, 10 purple Chrome refractors /999, 2 Chrome refractors /777, a pile of gold parallels, and a host of Top 100, Expectation, and Throwback cards.  I am not going to post everything that was in here simply because you can go on 100 other locations to see what these look like and find checklists.  I will say that as of now, I am collecting the base set and the base rookies.  I have my needs posted on my set needs page at the top if anyone has some to trade.  I also have quite a few doubles that I am more than happy to unload in trade.

Let me know if you have anything I need.


  1. I would be very interested in any Mets and Yankees you would be willing to part with. I haven't done any 2010 Bowmans yet but I have some Steelers and Pirates I can send your way. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. ah, Benny beat me to it. I wanted to see if you would be willing to trade for Heathcott you pulled. He's a Yanks prospect.

  3. I sent emails to the both of you.

  4. I'd be very interested in purple refractors and the Top 100 insert. Love 'em.


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