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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And now for something completely different...

Now that the Penguins season is over, I am hard pressed to find anything interesting to talk about on their home front.  I am not big on the "let's run Malkin out of town" bandwagon, nor am I going to bring anymore speculation and conjecture to the "will they or won't they" keep Sergei Gonchar argument.  No, I am interested in something entertaining.  Something news worthy.  Something that involves...toilets.

Everyone in the "know" of Pittsburgh Penguins ticket buying is familiar with the Student Rush lines that form around Mellon Arena on game day.  Basically, any current high school or college student with a valid student ID has an opportunity to buy game-day tickets.  These tickets go on sale about an hour before puck drop but the lines start forming anywhere from 3-5 hours prior.  It will happen the same way when the Pens move into the CONSOL Energy Center next season. 

But in the process of building a new arena, one area that gets overlooked sometimes is the bathrooms.  I have been to many stadiums around the country and have noticed the lack of concern or effort put into designing an efficient system of processing thousands of people through in short amounts of time.  Bring in the Student Rush members!

In order to test the plumbing in the new facilities, the Pens Student Rush text alert members will have the opportunity to enter to win a chance to simultaneously flush all the toilets in the CONSOL center (reminding me of the "flushing during Super Bowl halftime" wives tale).  125 random members will be invited to bring a friend along and join in on the mass flushing. 

The Details:
CONSOL Energy Center Student "Flush"
June 10th at 4PM EST.
400 flushers including 250 random Student Rush members
MC'd by former Penguin and current radio announcer Phil Bourque.
Pizza party on the floor after the even sponsored by Pizza Hut and Snapple.

If I'm lying, I'm dying.  I can't make this stuff up.  Hopefully someone out there will be taking some pictures of the event.


  1. Hey, that's more interesting than any Bruins talk I've heard so far this off-season!

  2. what happens if the place goes up?

    will Mellon still be around to use as a backup?

  3. As of right now, the city hasn't decided a definitive fate for the Igloo. So if CONSOL's pipes all explode due to the inability of the pumps to handle 400+ toilets flushing at once, they may still have a temporary plan.

  4. Haha. This is great. Definitely news worthy material. I do have to wonder though, will all 400 people need to perform under pressure, or are these blank flushes?

    BTW, congrats on winning the contest. Shoot me your mailing address in an email and I'll get some goodies packed up and mailed off shortly.

  5. I asked the same question. Apparently the actual usage is optional.

    Hooray me! I won something!


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