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Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Steeler Card Monday

I can't believe it has been an entire week since I last posted.  My free time is getting few and far between lately.

2003 Bowman Ike Taylor (Rookie)

This week, on May 5th, it is current Steeler corner-back Ike Taylor's birthday.  So to celebrate, I thought I would make Ike the focus of the random weekly Steeler card.  Look at Ivan up there in all his rookie practice jersey glory.  Ain't he sweet?  So full of concentration.

2006 Topps Heritage Ike Taylor

In looking through my collection, there aren't many Ike's to choose from.  I checked the lists online and found that he has less than 40 cards from all the sets since coming into the league in 2003.  Maybe I can find all of his cards...or maybe I won't.

That's the joy of collecting defensive players.  Unless they are the superstars of the league, they rarely get featured except in the "monster" sets that come out each year.  Now the Upper Deck is out of the game, there might not be anymore sets bigger than a couple hundred cards.  Unless, of course, Panini resurrects Score with a larger release.  They should do Pinnacle instead...wait I'm getting off track here.

2006 Upper Deck Super Bowl XL Ike Taylor

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