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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Overtime Winner

Colorado Avalanche MVP, Dan Boyle

There is nothing like a game winning goal!!   There is nothing like a game winning goal in overtime!!   There is nothing like a game winning goal in overtime of a playoff game!!  Hat's off to Dan for his great OT playoff game winner...

I know it is just a freak thing but, man...If I had a card of him that was signed, I can only imagine it would look like this on the back.


You just received a certified autograph signed in person by NHL defenseman Dan Boyle.  This card was signed in person and witnessed by Evgeni Nabokov and is certified in its authenticity.  Dan is the Colorado Avalanche Player of the Month for his outstanding performance in their latest playoff overtime win.  Enjoy your autograph card!!

I can't imagine he is a real popular guy in San Jose right now.

I'm beginning to think that the Sharks playoff membership card should be taken from them and given to someone else. 


  1. Sharks in Playoffs = Mets in September.

    They'll find a way to lose.

  2. STOP!! You're killing me! I hope that won't be the dagger in our hearts this year.


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