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Friday, April 23, 2010

Had A Bad Day #4.5

I think I want to change my vote for bad day number 4 to yesterday.  Here is why...

1.  The Pens lose to Ottawa in triple overtime.  TRIPLE OVERTIME!!!!  That's like losing two games at the same time.  I don't know how you bounce back from that considering we now have to play in Ottawa with all the momentum swinging in their direction.  Plus with Philly beating the hapless Devils, the underdogs have suddenly become the favorites.  Good Grief!!  Second liners are going to have to step this thing up.  We can't rely on Crosby and Malkin to save the day.  Fleury sure isn't.

2.  The Pirates lose to the Brewers.  First I'd like to say that I am not a Brewers fan, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be.  For that reason alone, when the Pirates lose to the Brewers it makes me annoyed.  So rather than actually show up to the game yesterday, they took the day off and allowed 20 runs to be scored.  20 FREAKIN' RUNS.  We have had many, many, MANY bad years with Pirates baseball.  But in 124 years of existence on this earth, the Bucs have never lost by that large of a margin.  8-0?  Yeah, I've seen that.  Like the FREAKIN' DAY BEFORE against the Brewers.  But 20-0?  McCutchen was throwing batting practice.  No wonder his ERA is over 14.  The Brewers outscored the Bucs in three games 36-1.

So for the second year in a row, the Pirates make history and not in a good way.

3.  In day 1 of the draft, the Steelers didn't trade Big Ben and ended up with a impact player at center that they wanted in last years draft.  Wait, you say?  You have a potential franchise center and got to keep your troubled, yet arguably top 5 quarterback in the league?  How can that be a bad day?  Well, it is.  Tim Tebow was picked in the first round and now I am out $50 because of a stupid bet that I thought I was guaranteed to win against another blogger/Florida Gators fan/closet homo...sapien.  I'm sorry Denver but I don't care what happens down the road with his career.   Even if he is the second coming of John Elway, so be it.  I still won't apologize.  You wasted that pick.  He is over-rated, over-hyped, and over-exposed.  There I said it.  Call me old fashioned but I'd rather have an alleged, and never convicted or charged with anything, sex offender that can throw and make plays as my quarterback than this guy.  Or take your pick...a dog abuser, alcoholic, possible steroid abuser, cocaine addict, reformed felon.  I'm just saying.  Anything would have been better.

I don't really understand where all this pent up anger toward Tebow comes from.  Oh, wait.  Yes I do.  I THINK HE IS A PHONY!  Of course I have no proof of this and I hope he proves me wrong but I stand by my opinions.  Four years is all I give him before he crashes and burns.  I think that is being generous.


  1. You misspelled sexual.

  2. I can't figure out why the words are highlighted like that. I have never had a post do that before.


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