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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ice Time Pregame: Pens vs. Canes

The Pens begin their lengthy road trip tonight against the Hurricanes in Carolina.  Pittsburgh is in a tight battle with the Devils for the division lead that is most assuredly going to come down to the final week.  With the Canes fighting for thier playoff lives, they are not going to easily roll over and die.  If they lose this one, they are likely playing golf real soon.  They are in for a fight, as most Pens/Canes games have become over the last few years. 

You know what would be fun?   A drinking game.  For anyone that has the ability to watch the game, here are the rules.

1)  Everytime someone references Crosby's equipment being stolen...take a drink.

2)  Everytime someone references the Staal brothers, or the fact that they are brothers, or the fact that there is a third brother...take a drink.

3)  Everytime there is a conversation about "headshots" or Matt Cooke not being suspended...take a drink.

4)  Everytime someone reference Crosby as the "Gold Medal Winning" or "Olympic Champion"...take two drinks.

5)  Everytime they show Mario Lemieux in his luxury suite...take a drink.

6)  Everytime they mention Bill Cowher being a Carolina fan...take a drink and then throw your glass at the TV.

7)  Everytime they mention all the coaches that used to be Penguins (there are 4, I think)...take a drink.

My prediction is that sticking to these rules will most assuredly get you drunk before the first intermission and possibly cause black outs by the end of the second period.  Have 911 on standby if this game makes it to overtime.

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