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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cards from a TCN giveaway

So over on Trade Cards Now, they had a box break for their members sponsored by Topps.  I guess the good folks at Topps (good is a relative term) decided to give TCN a box of Topps Unique Football to use for a "customer appreciation" break.

Just like other trade boards, you earn cash credits that you can use for various things on the site.  This box cost 500 points per slot so I picked up 3 since I had yet to use any credits and have been on there since 2006.  With the exception of any $400+ cards, all cards would be yours from your pack.  Anything above that value is sold so that other merchandise can be purchased for additional breaks and the person who would have gotten it is compensated with a full hobby box of something good and a ton of cash points.  Plus they get their entry fee back.  Not a bad deal for a "free" break.

It was on video...two parts...a 1/1 was pulled!! wasn't my pack(s).  However, I'd like to show some of what I got from the break and give my thoughts.

Bottom line...these cards are a design abomination.  The base cards have a gray border that is textured like the leather of a football.  The player is off set to the right of the card and is overlayed onto the border so that it gives that typical, overused 3-D effect.  The color is printed with a raised technology which gives it that layered effect when you hold it at the right angle.  Other than that, they are plain.  Just plain.  In fact, they look like something that could be from the 80s or 90s.  Actually, the scan of the cards looks better than the actual thing.  Weird.  Up there was my one and only Steeler that was pulled in my first pack, Sansmokio. 

The other issue is the parallels.  There are a ton of them.  They are all the same too.  Pictures are the same, design is the same, backs are the same except for the serial numbering.  The only real difference is the border color.  At 1:2 on average for the Red, I actually got one in each of my packs.  They are all numbered out of 799.  One day I am going to get my hands on a serial number card with the actual players number on it.  That would be a cool collection.

All I know is that I am not going to be buying any of these cards.  If I happen upon them in trades or lot purchases, so be it.  Not a fan.  Not a fan at all.  Topps? make me sad. 

Here was my one insert that was pulled.  A Unique Unis insert.  When I hear that name, I think, Unis...must mean it is a GU card, or maybe a pants swatch, or even a laundry tag....Why call it Unique Unis and not include a GU swatch?  It makes no sense.

I received a total of 21 cards (3 packs).  I got 3 Red Parallels, 2 Serial Numbered base cards, 1 insert, and a total of 5 rookies (here are 2 of them, Pat White and Hakeem Nicks).  Not bad for only 3 packs.  I just now wish they could have been something different.

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  1. that's too bad. gee, wherever will you be able to send that Romo and Whitten? if only you knew someone who collected Cowboys... if only...


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