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Friday, February 12, 2010


The luck of the draw brought me the Olympic juggernaut of a county, the Ukraine. What draw, you ask. This one. In checking with the status of their Olympic team, I noticed they have sent 52 athletes to Vancouver. 52! In 9 different sports. I have to have a chance of winning something here, right? Let's meet the athletes.

This is from their Wiki...

1. Alpine Skiing

Rostyslav Feshchuk
Bogdana Matsotska
Anastasia Skryabina

2. Biathlon

Oleksandr Biblamenko
Andriy Deryzemlya
Vyacheslav Derkach
Oxana Khvostenko
Olena Pidhrushna
Lyudmila Pysarenko
Roman Pryma
Sergey Sednev
Sergey Semenov
Valj Semerenko
Vita Semerenko
Inna Suprun
Lilia Vaygina-Efremova

3. Cross-Country Skiing

Maryna Antsybor
Kateryna Grygorenko
Roman Leybyuk
Lada Nesterenko
Olexandr Putsko
Valentina Shevchenko
Vita Jakimchuk
Tatiana Zavaliy

4. Figure Skating

Alla Beknazarova
Anton Kovalevski
Anna Zadorozhniuk
Stanislav Morozov/Tatiana Volosozhar
Ekaterina Kostenko/Roman Talan
Anna Zadorozhnyuk/Sergei Verbillo

5. Freestyle Skiing

Enver Ablaev
Alexander Abramenko
Nadia Didenko
Stanislav Kravchuk
Olga Polyuk
Olga Volkova

6. Luge

Andrey Kis/Yury Gayduk
Taris Senkiv/Roman Zakharkiv
Lilia Ludan
Natalia Yakushenko

7. Nordic Combined (I don't even know what this is)

Volodymyr Trachuk

8. Ski Jumping

Volodymyr Boshchuk
Oleksandr Lazarovych
Vitaliy Shumbarets

9. Snowboarding

Annamari Chundak
Yosip Penyak

I see some potential talent in here. Lots of World Championship medalling going on. Will it translate into Olympic victories? I can feel it. They ranked 11th in the Summer Olympics in Beijing so I am holding out hope. I'd at least like a couple extra contest entries.

That's it. I'm painting my face yellow and blue all weekend. I just have to decide how to divide or left/right.

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