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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steeler Great Bullet Bill Passed Away

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Bullet Bill Dudley passed away in his Lynchburg, Va. home. He was 88.

Arguably one of the greatest Steelers of all time, Bullet Bill led the Steelers in rushing in his rookie season (1942) and returned from his stint in WWII to lead the entire NFL in rushing, interceptions, and punt returns. Prior to his arrival, the Steelers had been a mess, finishing the season with 1 win. They went 7-4 with him in the lineup. He was the puzzle piece that made the team finally click. That is, of course, until their new coaches regimented style of play stifled his creativity and sent him packing to Detroit.

Dudley would go on to have some of his best games of his career playing against the Steelers. Bullet Bill, you will be missed.

Since this is a card blog, I thought I would feature some of Bill's cards. Unfortunately, I don't have any. Why you ask? Because there aren't many of him in a Steeler uniform. In fact, none of his major releases (ie. Bowman, Topps) from that era existed with him until 1948, long after he was a Lion. I will say I have placed a few bids on some auctions but I doubt much will come from it. Either way, for your cardboard viewing pleasure, a few of his gems.

1948 Bowman

1955 Topps All American

1950 Bowman

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