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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Time: Olympic Edition (USA vs. China [Women's])


In today's matchups, the USA women's team takes on China for a chance to move on in the round robin tournament. Hopefully, NBC has the kinks worked out of their broadcasting so that we don't get the lapses in coverage like yesterday. I'm not sure if these teams are an even matchup, though. Who am I kidding? I didn't even know China has a hockey team. Apparently there area total of 166 registered female hockey players in China. This is their 21 best. Some thoughts...

--Most of the game would appear like a practice session for the US women. It seems like they are toying with them the entire time.

--From what I have seen so far, there isn't a team that can compete with either the US or Canada.

--China's goalie is named Shi. I wonder if her first name is Sue because she is being sliced and diced up like a spring roll. I will give her this...she is a wall on her glove side.

--This ice surface is in serious need of a snow plow. Poor preparation.

--Jocelyne Lamoureux's goal in the 2nd was a thing of beauty. A dink and dunk, between the legs pass to herself around the defender and through the five hole. Highlight film!!

--Shots on goal at the end of the 2nd = 43 USA, 4 China. I feel sorry for both goalies. One isn't playing and the other one is the only one playing.

--Speaking of goalies, the USA put in their backup with about 5 minutes left in the third. She gave up the only goal China scored. I was cheering for China at that point. No one wants to see the destruction of a team like that.

USA wins 12-1!!

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