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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Time: Olympic Edition (Switzerland vs. Canada [Women's])


In both of their second games tonight, Canada put the screws to Switzerland in a 10-1 effort.  Unlike the other night where they blanked a much inferior Slovakia team 18-0, Canada couldn't shake the Swiss team until the third period.

Through the first two periods, Switzerland hung in there, scoring a goal and only trailing by 4 at the end.  However, Canada quickly put on the turbo and scored 5 goals in the third to win.  The Swiss team was outshot 62-12 with 25 of those shots coming in the 3rd period.  By midway through the 3rd, you could see that Switzerland was out of gas.

One thing that was noticeable though is the fact that the Swiss team are a much more formidable opponent for both the US and Canada.  If it wasn't for their 3-0 loss to Sweden in the first game, they would probably be the favorites in their grouping.  I was actually impressed by their goaltenders and their performances. Florence Schelling (who looks a lot like Katie Holmes) faced 55 shots on goal and made 45 saves.  Dominique Slongo faced 7 shots coming cold off the bench and allowed no goals.

I am looking forward to the US vs. Canada matchup everyone has been waiting for.

Canada wins! 10-1

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