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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Then There Were Two

So I only had two codes left to enter and haven't been able to get logged in correctly to do it.  I have been experiencing a variety of problems.  When I would try to log in, it kicks me out instantly.  When I would try to enter a code, it says it was already used, even though it wasn't.  After entering a code that worked, it would freeze or go to a blank screen.  But, I know this isn't anything new since everyone else is having the same problems.

The bright side is that as the day goes on, it seems to be getting better.  I was able to enter in the last two codes after work...drum roll, please!

  1993 Stan Javier

1987 Mike Pagliarulo

So there we have it.  My 7 unlocked cards from the Million Headache, I mean, Card Giveaway.  So who wants to trade?  Let's try to see how much we can screw up that server system.

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  1. put some code on got a 1952 ken holcombe


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