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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rack Pack Busting: New Ultra Hockey

I decided I would take a stab at a couple rack packs of the new 2009-10 Ultra Hockey (I have had these for a couple weeks now so I still have yet to purchase anything in 2010). I don't have any of these yet and was a bit skeptical since Ultra has had basically the same design for the last 3 years.

I was pleasantly surprised by these cards. In fact, I think the design is great. Instead of the script writing on the bottom or side of the card, they decided to digitize the players last name in a silver foil stamp open font with the printed name underneath. They still have the full bleed action photo shots of each player on the front and it fades into a silver border that holds the name plate. Very appealing design in my opinion. The backs also have the players stats for their entire career and not just the previous season.

I was able to pull 2 Team Leader (#TL26 David Backes, #TL28 Jason Black) cards and 2 Rookie Sensations (#RS1 Alex Goligoski, #RS29 T.J. Oshie), as they are inserted 1 per rack pack. I also was happy with the #119 Marc-Andre Fleury - Gold Medallion which is going straight into the PC.

The highlight of the packs was #RED214 Rookie Redemption Card which is normally a 1 per Hobby box hit. I think this is Davis Drewiske, who played 17 games for the Kings last year and was the team captain back when he played for the University of Wisconsin. He only has 1 goal in 32 games so far this year but he isn't known for his scoring. He is one of the old school style defensemen that, get this...plays defense. Go figure. I am scratching it off as we speak and sending off for the redemption. We will see how long this one takes.

Overall, I'd say I am impressed with the set design. It is different from the past Ultra sets and sets itself apart from the other standard issue Upper Deck releases. Despite what others have voiced about the base product design, I like the fact that they used the bleed in borders on the edges. I also really am liking the insert set designs, especially the E-X inserts. From what I have seen, the memorabilia cards are well designed, other than the smaller than average pieces. I'm going to give it a 7/10 for the pack configuration and value and 8/10 for the design.

(A warm welcome goes out to one of my many influencers in the card blogging world who is my newest follower, Rob from Voice of the Collector. Hopefully you find my stuff marginally entertaining as I love reading your posts on VOTC.)

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