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Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Random Pack Busting

Here is some more random pack busting from this pile of packs that was recently acquired. This group wasn't as fun as the last one since there were only a total of 25 cards in 5 random packs. But hey, it's pack busting. (as I've explained before...the equivalent of crack)

Pack #1: 2003-04 Pacific Exhibit Hockey

#30 Tyler Arnason
#72 Manny Fernandez
#33 Theo Fleury - Blue Back Parallel 256/275
#156 Joe Thornton - 3.5"x5" Photo Card

This is only the second or third one of these I have had the chance of opening. The giant sized package I think was a turn off to most collectors because who has the supplies or where-with-all to store 3.5x5" cards. It reminds me of the Panini Photocards that came out back in 98-99. While cool in their own right, not very practical. I did get a blue back parallel out of 275. Unfortunately it wasn't a Pen.

Pack #2: 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee Hockey

#161 Todd Fedoruk
#36 Manny Fernandez
#398 Darryl Sydor
#33 Andy Sutton
#173 Henrik Zetterberg
#140 Fredrik Norrena

Nothing. I don't even think I need these for my set completion either.

Pack #3: 2007-08 Ultra Hockey

#149 Milan Hejduk
#12 Andrew Raycroft - Gold Medallion
#202 Andy Greene (R)
#200 Scott Niedermayer
#74 Ryan Smyth

As always, there was one GM in the pack, that being Raycroft. I also pulled a Rookie with Andy Greene. Not the best pull, but not horrible either.

Pack #4: 2007-08 Hot Prospects Hockey

#46 Justin Williams
#15 Chris Mason
#21 Dany Heatley
#97 Tomas Vokoun

Even though I have bought more than my fair share of these, I still don't like them. I think I must have 2-3 complete 100 base card sets. It's like the alcoholic beverage you choose to drink because there is not other option. You can't stand the taste, yet you still come back for more. With only 4 cards per pack, I always somehow feel cheated.

Pack #5: 2007-08 Victory Hockey

#81 Erik Cole
#47 Cristobal Huet
#13 Sergei Gonchar
#2 Zach Parise
#164 Joffrey Lupul
#GB32 Anze Kopitar - Game Breakers

Victory has always been considered one of the bottom feeders when it comes to cards. (The others being Collector's Choice and MVP) I still like these, though. You get a decent looking card design, all the key rookies, and a large smattering of an affordable per pack price of course. I did pull a Pen with the Gonchar and the one Game Breaker is alright, if you are a Kings fan.

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