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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Addiction is a bitch

Since the title was already taken by a fellow blogger, I had no other choice for my working title. A Cardboard Problem, which is one of my favorite card blogs hits the nail on the head. My name is Tim and I have a problem.

(this is where the obligatory "Hi, Tim" would come in)

This morning was just another chapter. I stopped at Wally World to get myself some protein for daily 10AM hunger quench, when I happened by the card counter. They keep marking down all the 2007/2008 stuff that is left in their inventory. 40%-50% off is enough to make any collector salivate with the intensity of a Great Dane. I convinced myself that I didn't need these pieces of cardboard "crack" today and was going to get my peanuts and crackers and proceed to the exit (after paying, of course).

After checking the clearance rack for pants (my large protein and water intake has caused me to shed some pounds), I proceeded once more toward the voice that was calling me by the register lanes...

3 blasters and $20 later, I have some more 2008 Topps Baseball and some 2008 Topps Rookie Progression Football. Sick! Sick, I tell you.

If I get anything worth while, I will post it. I'm so ashamed.

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