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Friday, July 12, 2013

77 Million Reasons

In the world of the bizarre and unexplainable, this happened.   Homesickness or not, what was he thinking?

First the crazy contract issues in 2010, the financial penalties as a result, the lost draft picks as punishment...then Parise leaves for this?  New Jersey could be in for some long seasons if old Lou can't muster up some of his magic.  

They have $6 million to play with now but a hefty recouped salary penalty to pay off over 12 years.  Kovalchuk isn't a guy you can just replace either.  That's like trying to replace a Malkin, Crosby, or Stamkos (or even a Gretzky or Lemieux).  Not impossible, but highly unlikely. 

If you were Lou Lamoriello, what would you do??  

Me personally?? I'd stop signing Russians.  I'm just saying.