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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Tangradi's; Hooray!

I'm so far behind on posts.  I have about 2 dozen started, but none of them finished.

In the meantime, here are some new Tangradi's for the PC.  Inching closer and closer to my goal with every new acquisition.

I don't know if I already posted the UD Exclusives card or not but here it is again just in case.  I also finally got my hands on the Jeunes Lanceurs version.  I bid on this 4 times and lost.

The Luxury Suite Rookie was already in the collection but not this GOLD version.  These are serial numbered #/10.  I was 2 seconds away from another but lost.

Another addition to the Letter Marks goal.  I still can't believe the "T" was lost in the mail way back when.  These don't surface very often.  This is numbered #/50.

I'm pretty sure I posted this one before but here it is again.  It's a dual patch card of Tangradi and Alex Pechursky.  I have a couple other Pechursky autos too.  It always cracks me up to see his signature because it looks like it says Fleury Is 40.  This is numbered #/35.

I thought I had this one already but I didn't.  I have ones that are similar (the Debut Threads ones) but not this one.  It's an Auto/Patch numbered #/35. 

These are two minor releases by Choice 2010 and Choice 2012.  These are from the WBS Penguins team sets.  I have a couple more of these to obtain before I have all the AHL cards.

This is the SP Game Used Authentic Rookies numbered #/699.  These can also be found in the Spectrum version numbered #/10.  I will have one of those one day but until then, this will suffice.

This would be my fifth...?  Yeah, fifth I think, printing plate.  I was never a big fan of these but if I fancy myself a SUPER COLLECTOR, I have to have them on principle.  This is the black plate from the Artifacts set.

 Finally, here is his O-Pee-Chee rookie Retro Rainbow Parallel numbered #/100.  I can't tell you how many of these that slipped through my fingers either.  I'm just glad someone had a BIN for a reasonable price.  Apparently I'm not the only Tangradi collector out there.