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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Podcast. Yes, you heard me. PODCAST!

Since i pretty much hang out on Twitter almost exclusively, there have been very few blog posts. I should remedy that and I'm truly working on it. So what better way to fix my general laziness to blogging than to start another project.

Yes, kids. Your friendly DFG had entered the world of the Podcast. But don't fear.  I'm not entering it alone.  My partner in cardboard crime is along for the ride (more like he's driving the train). Sal from Puck Junk and I have started a, hopefully, weekly podcast devoted to our love of the hobby, hockey cards, and anything else we care to blather on about.

Our first episode has been posted for your listening pleasure. Feel free to leave comments, hopefully constructive. Save your flames for the bbq grill. Oh and I know my voice sounds like I took the Ice Bucket Challenge without removing the bucket. I'm working on that. First episode rust, we'll call it.