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Monday, February 2, 2015

Overreacting? Nah. Just Cleaning The Blogroll

So after the deflating loss by the Seahawks in the Superbowl yesterday (See that!  See what I did there?), I thought I would begin my day by purging my blogroll

over there < <<<<<<<< <

 of any and all blogs that made mention of the Cheatriots winning the game, deserving to win, congratulating them, or praising their ability to fight hard and come away with the victory.  Then I realized there would be basically nothing left.

So instead, it's time for some cleaning.  I have decided to go through the roll and purge all of the forgotten blogs, the ones relegated to the milk cartons of the internet.  I have also begun my search for some new reading and will be adding blogs at a feverish pace. 

If you have a blog that would like to be here, let me know.  It can be card related, hockey related, sports related, or ... well that's pretty much it.