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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Group Break #6: THE GRAND FINALE; 2003-04 Pacific Crown Royale Hobby

Drum roll, please!!  

For the last and final, grand finale box in the REAL DFG's FIRST EVER MID-SUMMER PRE-SEASON AFFORDABLE COMMUNITY GROUP HOCKEY BOX BREAK EXTRAVAGANZA!!! we have a hobby box of 2003-04 Crown Royale.

Crown Royale had been around in the hobby for a while at that point in 2003 and was known for a higher end feel compared to many other Pacific releases.  It was a set that is loved by many in the collecting community for it's elaborate, sometimes garish design, die-cut base cards, and almost gross over use of foil stamping.  For the 2003-04 set, Pacific toned it down a bit, laying off the foil stamping, and changing the design to feature a die-cut "cup" design.  The foil is limited to only the brand logo and outlines at the bottom.

For a hobby box, we have 20 packs with 8 cards per pack...that's 160 cards for the math illiterate.  There are an average of 4 Game Worn Jerseys in a box, giving us our final 4 guaranteed hits, and a chance at patch variations that are lower numbered.  There is also a host of insert sets and parallels to chase including a blue and red version of the base and rookies.  The blues come about one per pack (actually 2 every 3 packs) and the red are a much harder pull.  Rookies are all serial numbered and the big fish include Patrice Bergeron, Eric Staal, and Marc-Andre Fleury.  We also have a return, once again, of the Pacific Complete cards.

For those inclined, here is the video of the break.  For some reason, the sound is weird in places but the video was ok this time.  I don't get it.

If we'd rather skip to the good stuff, here are some scans of a few of the non-base cards we pulled. (the base look just like the rookies and parallels)

First, the rookies.  None of the big names are here but I suppose they could be worse.  No, you are right.  They couldn't. I still haven't figured out what those little white boxes next to the ROOKIE logo's are.  Almost like a serial number box but the numbering is stamped on the back.  Weird.

 If I didn't know better, I would swear this was Kenan 
Thompson, not Trevor Daley.

Here is just a sampling of the blue parallel cards.  It's hard to see the blue unless you blow them up.


 Next up are the inserts.  First, the Lords of the Rink collection.

 I guess you can call this a Rookie Insert of Eric Staal.

Then the Gauntlet of Glory cards which feature all the leagues goaltenders.


Followed by the Royal Portraits which feature rookies in either an action pose or at the Rookie Photo Shoot, and Global Conquest cards which feature a tandem of players from the NHL who are fellow countrymen.


Finally, we have our hits.  These weren't too bad considering the subjects.  We got a few star players instead of a handful of scrubs.  Plus, the Fedorov Patch Variation card is pretty cool.


So that's it.   The REAL DFG's FIRST EVER MID-SUMMER PRE-SEASON AFFORDABLE COMMUNITY GROUP HOCKEY BOX BREAK EXTRAVAGANZA!!! is now complete.  All that is left is to tally up the totals and get everything sorted, packed up, and sent out.

I hope everyone enjoyed participating in the break, watching the videos, and seeing all the cool stuff we pulled.  In my next post, I will try to get a running total of who is getting what cards.  I also need to figure out who I owe "hits" to and split up the few multi-team cards we pulled.  Those without a hit, I will give you something from the team you actually paid for, not your freebie.  That way at least you had some part in making the conscious decision to pick them.

I will most definitely do this again sometime because it was kind of fun.  It just might be awhile before that happens.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Group Break #5: 2002-03 Pacific Exclusive Hobby Box

For the fifth box in REAL DFG's FIRST EVER MID-SUMMER PRE-SEASON AFFORDABLE COMMUNITY GROUP HOCKEY BOX BREAK EXTRAVAGANZA!!! we have a hobby box of 2002-03 Pacific Exclusive.  Exclusive was a upper echelon set back then with a premium price tag and premium feel to the cards.  Unfortunately, these were never meant to be kept sealed in their cellophane dungeons forever and many of the cards now suffer from some surface damage due to sticking or flaking of the edges.  Still, they are a nice early 2000s set with plenty of bang for your buck.

Each box averages two GU sweater cards and a Rookie Autograph that is on-card and hand numbered.  I have seen some of these autos and they are nice.  I pulled a Bouwmeester out of a box about six months ago.  There are also both Gold and Blue parallels.  The Gold fall about one per pack and the Blue are about one per box.  And, like all other Pacific sets of the era, there are a ton of inserts.  We should see between 13-15 in this box.

So there you have it.  Finally a big hit worth mentioning over and over again.  That Zetterberg Rookie Auto is a very nice card.  I think the only bigger card would have been the Rick Nash but I'm not sure they aren't on an equal playing field here.  Even though it is numbered out of 1000, it is still on-card and not a sticker.  I don't think companies knew what stickers even were back then.  That means that Hank had to sift through 1000 of these and sign them.  I wonder how long it took?  Plus...these are numbered as part of the regular base set, so in actuality there are only 1000 possible complete sets.  Mind blowing isn't it?

Here are some scans of some of the goods...

First the gold parallels.  I'm not going to show them all because we will be here all day.  Here is a sampling of four of them.

 Here we have another mind numb-er.  This goes to Dallas
since that's the team on the card, despite the B's sweater.

Here is the Blue Parallel numbered /699

Some of the rookies we pulled...

 We pulled two of these.  Doubles are stupid in the same box.

Another Spezza rookie...we got a couple in another box too.

Great Expectations Inserts...

And a plethora of other inserts...

Here are the two GU "hits"

 The Kolzig goes to Dave H with the Capitals.                    The Czerkawski goes to Nick B. with Montreal.

And last but certainly not least, the best hit of the Group Break thus far...

Here is the latest updated card count for everyone. I think I have them all pretty accurate.

1.  Casey from Drop The Gloves - - 36
Boston Bruins  - B 15, IPR 2, H 0
Los Angeles Kings - B 15, IPR 4, H 0
2.  Me from The Real DFG -- 49
Pittsburgh Penguins - B 16, IPR 7, H 2
Dallas Stars - B 17, IPR 5, H 2
3.  Sal from Puck Junk - - 46
Chicago Blackhawks - B 22, IPR 1, H 0
Minnesota Wild - B 19, IPR 4, H 0
4.  Captain Canuck from Waxaholic - - 44
Detroit Red Wings - B 25, IPR 3, H 1
Florida Panthers - B 9, IPR 6, H 0
5.  1967ers from Diamond Cuts & Wax Stains - - 45
Toronto Maple Leafs - B 21, IPR 4, H 1
Carolina Hurricanes - B 14, IPR 5, H 0
6.  Dave H from Wax Stain Rookie - - 46
Ottawa Senators - B 22, IPR 6, H 0
Washington Capitals - B 15, IPR 2, H 1
7.  BA Benny from BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet - - 32
New York Islanders - B 16, IPR 5, H 0
Phoenix Coyotes - B 8, IPR 3, H 0
8.  Dave H from Wax Stain Rookie - - 36
Columbus Blue Jackets - B 15, IPR 5, H 0
Calgary Flames - B 14, IPR 2, H 0
9.  Brad from Brad's Blog- - 45
Philadelphia Flyers - B 23, IPR 3, H 0
Anaheim Ducks - B 15, IPR 4, H 0
10.  Jason from Jasonvorhee's Blog - - 37
New York Rangers - B 17, IPR 5, H 1
Buffalo Sabres - B 13, IPR 1, H 0
11.  Michael from Collecting For Kicks - - 42
Vancouver Canucks - B 20, IPR 1, H 1
Tampa Bay Lightning - B 19, IPR 1, H 0
12.  Alfredo from The Cardboard Don - -37
New Jersey Devils - B 18, IPR 3, H 1
San Jose Sharks - B 11, IPR 4, H 0
13.  Kevin O. from Kevin's Collection - - 53
Colorado Avalanche - B 24, IPR 8, H 0
Edmonton Oilers - B 17, IPR 4, H 0
14.  Nick B. from Part's Unknown - - 48
Atlanta Thrashers - B 12, IPR 3, H 0
Montreal Canadiens - B 25, IPR 7, H 1
15. Unclaimed Teams - - 48
Nashville Predators - B 14, IPR 4, H 0
St. Louis Blues - B 24, IPR 5, H 1
Multi Player Cards - B 0, IPR 2, H 1

Stay tuned for the GRAND FINALE with the last box in the Group Break.